Brainterstellar GAME

Info: English / Deutsch / Español / Italiano / Català


Together we are finding the most beautiful images of the Earth Day!


1. Click on the Play Logo and select the best* NASA satellite images.

2. Brainterstellar gives a set of new 4 images out of 50k+ images to each user.  

3. Then it iterates the process until it gets to the TOP 10 pictures of the day.

4. We will share the results and give some prizes** to the participants! 

Brainterstellar Game

Tip: use Pinterest to pin and share the images that you liked with a single click. 

*upcoming challenges will have other goals too, like for example to find rivers, human activity, volcanoes, cat shaped clouds …

**to be eligible for the prize write a tweet on Twitter or a post on Facebook  “@Brainterstellar” with the name of the challenge. Alternatively you can send an e-mail with your name at

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