Open Challenge: Top 10 Pics during last year Earth Day


In this game, we are all winners. During the first round, brainterstellar gives to each player 4 random images that no one else has ever seen before.  Then each player selects the image that she/he likes most*. Since we start with 3200 images, we need 800 clicks altogether for scanning the whole Earth (each player can do as many clicks as she/he wishes). Then we repeat the process for the 800 selected images and we shrink the number to 200. During the third round, we already obtain the TOP 50.  Finally we post the TOP 50 images on the social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and google+). So the community can share and vote them. After several hours running the challenge we hope to obtain the Top 10 images.


  1. Click on top of the Earth day Logo to start.
  2. Select the image you like most.**
  3. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook in order to know the final results and you will be eligible for the prize
  4. Have fun exploring the Planet! Thank you!


*In this particular challenge you have to select the image you like most, but in upcoming challenges the goal can be different, for example we could look for places with freshwater.

**As an option you can follow us on Pinterest and share your findings with the Brainterstellar Community.

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