Our mission is to bring satellite technology to every human on the Planet and promote a collaborative network that will help to protect life on Earth by solving big challenges, like global warming, illegal deforestation and scarcity of freshwater monitoring the changes. Thus enhancing a sustainable world.

Uncontacted tribe seen in Amazon. (Photo: Gleilson Miranda/Acre government)

Modern satellite images have an incredible resolution. Apart from NASA satellites, projects like Planet labs will provide, on a daily basis, an immense amount of such high resolution images with an incredible value for humanity. Brainterstellar is promoting the emergence of collective intelligence.

We want to invert the pyramid of active people working on big challenges for sustainable life on Earth. Bringing awareness about our finite and fragile Planet to a critical mass of people is of utmost importance. This will trigger a global change on how we interact with our environment and in turn exploit its natural resources more wisely.

Together we can protect our precious Planet!

Inverted pyramid of active people helping the Planet.

Present and future inverted pyramid of active people helping the Planet.

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